HERO ® with Women and Men Against Child Abuse

HERO ® Refuse Bags is a BAG WITH A PURPOSE. HERO ® is taking steps to ensure that every roll we produce has an impact. It is for this reason that we are proud to announce the launch of our silver HERO ®. This HERO ® not only takes care of your everyday household waste but in using this pack we also do our part in proudly supporting Women and Men Against Child Abuse.


The spiralling increase in incidents of child abuse in our country necessitates the provision of specialised child-abuse facilities, as well as the introduction of preventative programs to break the complex cycle of abuse.

The Pack with All the Power

Women and Men Against Child Abuse has been extremely outspoken in its offensive against child abuse. Our silver HERO ® stands proudly with this incredible organisation and we are saying that we need to come together as South Africans and stop abuse of our women and children.


HERO ® stands with every male, every female and every child. Together with Women and Men Against Child Abuse we wish to create hope and the belief that we as a nation will do what we can to protect our women and children of South Africa.

How You Can Win With HERO ®?

HERO ® has printed 10 Lucky Golden Bags that will be randomly be placed into the silver packs throughout the year of 2019. Should a consumer receive one of the Lucky Golden Bags, they are to call the number provided on the bag to claim their R10,000.00 prize.


Each HERO ® silver pack purchased will result in a donation to the Women & Men Against Children Abuse foundation.

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