Cancer just got a new challenger

It is no secret that HERO® is a Brand that prides itself on innovation and progressive thinking. The success of our Women and Men Against Child Abuse initiative leveraging the Silver Promotion pack to back an NPO that protects the youth of this country has and continues to make such a difference towards a worthy cause.


Well HERO®  is not done by any means.


This has inspired us to look for the most effective use of our HERO® Mega Saver (pink) Pack. It is only fitting that we will now be donating a portion of every pink pack sold to the CANSA foundation. This will aid in the assistance in researching a virus that unfortunately has become a household word across the globe.


Being able to look at issues across our beautiful country and take a common household product to address some of them is what HERO® is built to represent. Our promise is to continue looking for possibilities like these and make a difference for our consumers and country as a whole.


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